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Before you can begin receiving all the benefits of the Associate Contractor ProgramTM, you must first register online and agree to the terms and conditions.

Membership in the Associate Contractor Program will provide you access to a variety of Training Opportunities, Advertising & Lead Generation Templates, In-Home Selling Tools, & the HardieRewards Program. The annual cost of membership is ONLY $295 - That's less than the cost of one lead! Register today and receive 500 bonus HardiePointsTM.


One of the best ways to earn rewards AND stay current with the latest techniques in sales, marketing, and installation best practices is to enroll in any one of many James Hardie training modules. These short courses are packed with great information that can help you generate quality leads, close more sales, and install James Hardie® siding with the highest quality.Each completed training module can earn you 500 HardiePoints!


One easy way to earn HardiePoints is by purchasing James Hardie® siding products and submitting your Hardie projects in our Job Tracker. Some products like ColorPlus® siding or Artisan® Lap are worth more HardiePoints than others. Points really start to add up fast when you install more than one Hardie product on your homes!


Earn HardiePoints for your James Hardie purchases by completing the Job Tracker. All you need to do is provide us with the location of the job, specify what James Hardie® products were installed, and submit a copy of your dealer purchase invoice.

HardiePoints are calculated based on the sq ft volume purchased of eligible Hardie products. Don’t forget about the increased HardiePoints you can earn for purchasing ColorPlus® siding, HardieTrim® boards, or Artisan® Products!


The best part about the HardieRewards™ program is spending the HardiePoints™, right? Earning is easy, and when you’ve got enough HardiePoints, you can redeem them for lots of great rewards, like HardieTools, Co-Branded Apparel, an iPad, or even a Flat Screen TV. HardiePoints expire 18 months after your last account activity, so check in often, stay educated and continue to install James Hardie Siding!
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